Jeff’s program CHANGED MY LIFE! I have been am athlete my entire life from wrestling as a kid, to baseball in college and even competing on the AF Wilderness Challenge team. In 2012 I started getting back pain. I was golfing 3-days a week, lifting weights 6-days a week and running whenever I had a spare moment. During a deployment I slipped while carrying a heavy back pack and have never been the same since. The slip caused shooting pain down my right leg and didn’t improve for over a year. Finally my leg stopped working in April of 2014 and I was forced to have surgery. The surgery gave my leg range of motion back but the scar tissue and recovery was causing pain and anxiety. Not being able to follow my workout routine or golf caused me to sink into a dark place.

Once I was cleared by the doctors to go back to work I volunteered for a TDY to Germany so I could focus on the mission rather than myself. During that time I heard about Jeff’s program and was referred by the neurosurgeon to participate. Wow, what a difference it made. Jeff basically kicked my butt! No excuses, no meds, no whining, just results. I was only in his program for about 8 workouts but I took his literature and mindset home with me and continued the program on my own. Before the program I couldn’t do a single sit-up. Well it’s been close to two years since I was in Jeff’s program and this past March I scored a perfect 100% on my fitness test and am back to lifting weights and running. I still can’t golf because of the torque golf requires but I have found other hobbies to fill the void. Without Jeff’s program I would probably be out of the Air Force, I think he saved my career. I am indebted to him and his team for life.



Program, I was sitting in my car at work crying. I was in so much pain from a 12+ hour day that the thought of driving home was overwhelming. I prayed to God that if this was how my life was going to be, please don’t let me make it home. Every curve on that ride home I wondered what His decision would be and as I pulled into my house, I said, “Ok Lord, now you need to get me better — stronger.”

My First day in the class was absolutely a mind blower! Here was this Adonis telling us we could do things that I knew full well my body was NOT capable of doing. He was yelling and jeering and I thought if I could get the strength, I would punch him. How does he know what I feel like? How can he give me advice? These thoughts continued for the first week and slowly subsided as I felt soreness in places I had forgotten worked. Soreness – not pain. As the soreness increased, the pain decreased. By the completion of the second week, I can remember coming to class and crying as I told Jeff that this was the first day I was able to comb and braid my own hair without help in a year and a half. By the end of the third week the soreness was less and the pain was less.

In this program I learned to listen to my body and not my head. The head that was terrified of falling, jerking, and pressured the rest of me to go on. I mean common — we are taught don’t be weak, suck it up, pain is weakness leaving the body. Years of military service and cross-fit drilled that into me. But now I realized that soreness was good, pain was bad. Stop when I reach the red zone instead of popping a pill or three and pushing through. I learned that motion is in fact lotion and while I am not doing all of the exercises each day, I do still faithfully do the yoga (daily) and warm up routine (2-4x) a week. I learned that while I will never be pain free, I will have a quality life worth sticking around for. Thank you to the whole team who gave me my life back!



Prior to my injury in 2001, I was an extremely active individual. I tried to get right back into being fit but the pain was too much. I do not take pain medications because I don’t like the idea of being constantly medicated. After my mandatory career MOS change, I would do very little physical activity, almost to the point of being lethargic.

Going through MRP, I really regained my confidence in working out and got over the fear that activity would aggravate my hardware. I still have the pain but I am so much more active today because of MPR. I am even able to run on the treadmill for up to three minutes now. Now I have the mindset that I feel the same pain with activity that I did with doing none. I only wish that this program was available to my years ago. I play and do so much more now with my youngest daughter now, sometimes she can’t take all of the energy I have. Thank you for the opportunity to attend this program. My wife and kids thank you as well.